The Fastest most Powerful Coin Operated Data Aquisition Tool

Harvest your information without limitations

Encrypted Results

End to End Security

Scalable scraping at high volumes with data output security that rivals any other data acquisition source. All data mining is isolated, secured and encrypted and all output results are cryptographicly locked to your unique PGP key.

  • Blind Scraping Nodes
  • Private Data Sources
  • Encrypted Downloads
  • Untraceable Harvesting
  • Self Destructing Workers


Auto Scaling

Our platform leverages containerization technology to scale your requests without limits. The only limit is the number of tokens you provide and how much data is out there which meets your criteria.

  • Unlimited Auto Scaling
  • Containerized Workers
  • Token Threading

Key Features

Inquire about custom data source integration.

Some functionality the platform is capable of Scraping Includes:

Crypto-Currency Markets

Yelp & GMB

E-Mail Addresses


Regex Expressions


Technology Identification

API Integration


Scrape Tokens are available to purchase here. Use them to power the functions of our app.

Scrape Token


0.000035 BTC

  • Crypto-Currency Secured Payment
  • Exchangable
  • Limitless Scalability
  • Fast & Accurate Targetting
  • Encrypted Results
  • Data Acquired Upon Order

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